Dr Bronwen Swinnerton and Taryn Coop (research assistant) gave a talk entitled ‘Critical Perspectives on Unbundling and Rebundling in Higher Education’ at the Association for Learning Technology Conference in Manchester in September 2018.
Professor Neil Morris gave a talk about ‘The unbundled university: researching emerging models in an unequal landscape’ at this Kings College London event in September 2018.  You can watch the talk in the YouTube recording available at:
Personal Assistants for Life Long Learning: Learning with Conversational Agents that Launch Multiple Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Learning Resources Professor Art Graesser Psychology and the Institute for Intelligent Systems, University of Memphis Abstract Intelligent adaptive learning environments are destined to become more prominent with advances in artificial intelligence, big data, and learning analytics. These sophisticated…
Following recent news reports, Dr Carlo Perrotta writes about the impact of video games on education and skills on The Conversation website. If videogames do benefit pupils’ education and skills, it’s time we found out how and why Whether studies show that videogames improve or degrade performance, part of the problem is that we still don’t know how or…
We recently found out about our success in the latest round of European H2020 funding.
Prof Neil Morris, Dr Carlo Perrotta and Dr Bronwen Swinnerton have been awarded £494,028 from the ESRC for a joint project with an NRF-funded team from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, led by Dr Laura Czerniewicz.