The Centre for Research in Digital Education is a cross-institutional, interdisciplinary research centre, based in the School of Education, which serves as a focus for research in the field of digital education by critically investigating innovation processes in education. We conduct world class research in how digital is transforming education throughout the lifetime (from school to university to workplace), across multiple contexts (formal education, informal learning, lifelong learning), and involving various modes (blended, hybrid and online). The aims of the Centre are to:

  1. create, advance and disseminate knowledge about the impact of digital technologies on learning throughout the life course;
  2. create, advance and disseminate knowledge about the relationships between digital technologies and theory-informed educational practice;
  3. encourage a productive exchange with disciplinary perspectives that explore the role of digital technology in society;
  4. become one of the leading groups for digital learning nationally and internationally;
  5. develop outstanding graduates and scholars;
  6. shape public educational policies in the area of digital learning;
  7. work with educational practitioners across the globe to improve evidence-based best practice regarding digital technologies and learning.

Our key research interests are in the following areas:

  • Personalised learning: learning analytics, MOOCs/SPOCS, adaptive learning environments, mobile learning
  • Socio-cultural factors: children and technology, dialogue, social psychology and learning
  • Lifelong learning: self-regulated learning, motivation, 21st Century skills, professional development
  • Evidence-based evaluation: diversity of contexts and learners, impact of technology on learners and tutors, cost-benefit, engagement.